Are you guessing and praying every time you mix a glaze or toner? Do you pour 3,4, or even 5 different shades into your bowl “just in case”?  


We have all been guilty of doing this because we were never taught what the background shade and the tones really are that we are working with.


So many insta famous colorists show us the finished product with a quick “recipe” of what was used but we never were told what the hair looked like BEFORE the toner or glaze. 



Did you know that 50% of your formula is already on the hair before you even think about what colors you plan to mix and use?


So if there is yellow left in the hair and you are attempting a silver result not a single shade will turn that hair silver. Instead, you will get a muddy green result...


It is all so much simpler than we thought it just takes learning some fundamental things that were skipped over in beauty school that were critical to formulation.

I want to learn how to glaze and tone!

Imagine being so being so confident in your glazing and toning formulation that you are able to achieve:

  • The perfect tone to finish a blonding service without guessing

  • Longer lasting tone and shine

  • Seamlessly blended color melts

  • Brass-Free Blondes!

  • Bright platinum results that never go muddy

And let’s not forget the benefits for YOU:

  • No longer having a nervous pit in your stomach standing in the color room overwhelmed by all of the choices in front of you

  • You will have the confidence to choose the right color every time without guessing

  • No longer depending on a "recipe" from a stylist in your salon (what happens if they are on vacation or sick?) 

  • No need to go on a Facebook Group to ask for someone to offer you an answer to what glaze you need

  • Save money on your color bill by not wasting 3 shades to create a basic neutral

  • Say goodbye to color adjustment phone calls! You will get it right the first time, every time


If this sounds like you and you are finally ready to STOP THE UNCERTAINTY AND BEING DRIVEN GLAZEY CRAZY!

I have something for you...

This virtual training will cover the most common things that may be going wrong for you now in your glazing and toning services. You will have many AHA moments and realize how one small thing can change everything and get you on your way to becoming the go-to color expert in your area. 

I want to learn!

So by now you may be wondering why should I listen to this person? Let me formally introduce myself...


I have been a professional colorist for 34 years. I have owned a color specialty salon for 30 of those years.
I am now a full time brand-free educator whose passion is simplifying hair color for other stylists and helping them to reach higher income goals and ultimately a six figure income.

I have had the pleasure of teaching at all of the largest hair shows throughout the country and host a hair color membership virtually. I travelled the world gathering education in color from some of the most successful colorists in the world including Tracey Cunningham, Beth Minardi, Nancy Braun and Jo Blackwell Preston just to name a few. I bring to my students all of the “best of” techniques and tips that I have gathered over these 34 years saving you time and money from chasing after all of it yourself. 

I want to be a fast and fearless foiler

This workshop will completely change how you formulate glazes and tone allowing you to charge higher prices and gain new clients. You will be able to implement the things you learn right away. This entire virtual experience is available to you and can be watched over and over as many times as you need for the low price of only $37.00


WHY so affordable? Because I care about you and want you to stop making excuses and to not allow lack of funds for your education to be yet another excuse to not grow as a colorist. 

“Nothing changes if nothing changes”.  So what do you have to lose by trying this? Do nothing and you will stay on the hamster wheel doing the same thing you have always done. Try these techniques and you just may become the colorist you have been admiring on social media!



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